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Tree Service | Transplanting | Atascosa, TX

Specializing in Large Trees Planting & Relocating

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Tree Planting and Delivery

A tree is a long term investment.

Our team has 39 years of experience working with large trees.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our trees are in containers or b&b (balled and burped), never freshly dug. This ensures a

strong and healthy tree when planted.

Trees are available for customer pickup or can be carefully loaded and transported for



Large Trees

Each transplanting service is unique. Relocating a large/mature tree requires experienced hand digging, root preparation and heavy equipment.


High Survival Rate: Good soil conditions

and time of year will determine survival


*Transplanted/Relocated trees are not



Backed with a One-Year Warranty

Trees purchased from and planted by ATS, Inc will have a 50% warranty.


Click here to view our warranty.

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