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Tree Service | Transplanting | Atascosa, TX

Specializing in Large Trees Planting & Relocating

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Call the team with 39 years of experience for all your oak tree needs!


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Our Story: A Family Owned & Operated Team

Erasmo & Herminia Alfaro, started selling trees out of their home on Culebra Road in

1977. Since that time, Alfaro Tree Sales has grown and moved to 10835 Pearsall Road in

Atascosa, Texas (Southwest Bexar County).


The Alfaro Team knows purchasing a large mature tree is a long term investment.

Our team has 40 years of experience working with large trees.


The Alfaro’s continue to provide large specimen trees to Homeowners and many

Commercial Businesses in San Antonio & surrounding areas.


Alfaro’s fleet of trucks also travel to the Western States of the U.S. providing large trees.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

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